Friday, 12 September 2014

Dunston Staiths and Cone Artwork

The Jetty Project is an Arts & Humanities Research Council funded project led by Newcastle and Manchester Universities. It has created a temporary large-scale architectural artwork, “The Cone”, on the wooden structure of Dunston Staiths in Gateshead, a landmark Scheduled Monument and Grade II structure on the south bank of the River Tyne. The Staiths are the biggest wooden structure in Europe and are undergoing restoration. I was able to visit the Staiths to look at the restoration work last week though at the moment they are not open to the public. I filmed the above video whilst on the visit. Photos will follow in a later post.

If you visited the Gateshead National Garden Festival in 1990, you may recall walking along the Staiths which formed a significant feature of the show. Restoration has had to take place because of vandalism. A significant section of the Staiths was lost to arson a few years ago.

The Staiths are part of the coal mining heritage of the North East of England. They were built in the 1890s to load coal from the North Durham coalfield onto colliers to export from the Tyne.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Whickham Flower Show

Whickham in Gateshead (North East England) is the next town down the road from our village of Sunniside where we live. On Saturday the Whickham Summer Flower Show was held in St Marys Centre. Alas, as one of the councillors for the area and as the Council was one of the sponsors of the event, I did not enter any of the competitions. Nevertheless, I did visit the show and took a stack of photos and video. The video is not yet edited but here are some of my photos. You can see more on this link.

Friday, 22 August 2014

The Rose and Crown at Slaley

When we went to the Slaley Show earlier this month, we decided to have a look around the village at lunchtime for somewhere to eat. We discovered the Rose and Crown pub on the main road. It seems that it is the only community owned pub in the North East. A new chef had just started and if what we had for lunch was anything to go by, he was off to a flying start. Good quality food and very welcoming service.

Pizza at the Marquis of Granby

We don't eat out much when we're not away from home (see my self-sufficiency blog to find out how we produce most of our own food) but when we got back from holiday earlier this month we decided to eat out rather than eat in. We had heard that the Marquis of Granby pub, on the A692 between Streetgate and Lobley Hill (and therefore within walking distance of home), was under new management and had revamped the kitchen and menu and installed a pizza oven. We paid it a visit last week.

We were very satisfied with the meal and the service. The chances are we'll make a return visit at some point.

And finally - the North Wales video

All the photos have been sorted, all the videos are now edited. This is the final loose end from our North Wales vacation earlier this month - the video of the whole holiday.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Sychnant Pass

This is the final video I made of an individual location we visited in North Wales earlier this month. We walked through the Sychnant Pass between Penmaenmawr and Conwy though we did not quite get as far as the latter. This is an area of stunning beauty.

Penmaenmawr Beach

This was filmed on the last full day of our holiday in Wales earlier this month. Penmaenmawr is something of a forgotten treasure. It has great views of Puffin Island and the Great Orme at Llandudno.