Sunday, 21 December 2014

Hotel Antibes

In Barcelona we stayed for 5 nights in the Antibes Hotel on Carrer de Diputacio. The holiday was booked through eBookers and we paid £340 for the two of us - flight, hotel and breakfast included (though we decided to eat out for breakfast, indeed all meals, each day except the final Sunday). The hotel was well placed for us. It was about a 15 minute walk from the city centre. There were plenty of bars and cafes within a few minutes walk as well. A metro station was just along the road (though we got around the city on foot and by taxi).

The outside appearance of the hotel was nothing to write home about but we were interested in having a modest place to sleep and keep our stuff. It didn't matter to us that it did not look like a palace to passers-by.

It may have been a bargain price but we were quite happy with the hotel. The room was clean though it lacked a kettle for making tea. The en suite bathroom was quite adequate.

Breakfast was buffet style and reasonable quality.

Hotel Antibes ticked all the right boxes for us: competitively priced, clean, functional, conveniently located, food a reasonable quality. A hotel to be recommended.

Paella at Harmonia

We couldn't visit Spain without having paella for a meal. It was our last day in Barcelona so we went in search of a cafe that could serve up what we were after. We found the Harmonia cafe on Carrer Del Comerc. The paella was superb!

Picasso Museum

Our final visitor attraction of our holiday in Barcelona was the Picasso Museum. This is something of a must-see by anyone visiting the city. It was smaller than I expected and unless I missed it, I found nothing about the 1920s to the 1940s. There was plenty about his early years and about the period after 1950. I was left scratching my head about the bit in between.

Barcelona Cathedral

Our next stop was Barcelona Cathedral which, unlike places such as St Paul's Cathedral in London, does not charge to go inside. I'm still not sure why there were chickens, ducks and geese in the inner courtyard, but they added to the interest of the building.

Coffee at Bastaix Cafe

After leaving Placa de Sant Jaume we headed further into the old city, aiming to get to Barcelona Cathedral. We found Bastaix cafe on Fossar de les Moreres.

I only had a coffee there but the service was pleasant enough though they were a bit slow in giving us the bill once we had asked for it.

Christmas nativity scene in Placa Sant Jaume

This must count as the most elaborate model nativity scene I have ever seen. We found it in Placa Sant Jaume, in Barcelona's old city, near the City Hall. I'm more used to a model donkey and a manger with a doll in it as something passing for a Christmas nativity scene. I wasn't quite expecting a scale model of Roman Jerusalem!

Cava in the market

Whilst in the Mercat de Sant Josep, we stopped at a bar in one of the alleyways and had a glass of cava. What a pleasant way to spend half an hour. Note the octopus for sale for lunch.