Sunday, 24 June 2018

Great Exhibition of the North launch - photos

Great North Exhibition Summer 2018

The Great Exhibition of the North was launched on Friday evening. I attended the launch event. A brilliant summer evening with a lovely sunset over Tyneside, what a great backdrop to the concert, fireworks and drone display. My video of the event will be ready shortly but you can view a few of my photos on the above link.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Visiting Tynemouth

Last month we paid a short visit to Tynemouth. We called at the Tynemouth market, popped into the Gibraltar Rock pub with spectacular clifftop views, took a walk on Longsands Beach and called in to Hugo's Bar and Restaurant for lunch.

Beamish Museum Georgian Fair

Last week, Beamish Museum held a Georgian fair. We visited it on 1st June and also had a further look around other parts of the museum. Beamish however is now so large that it takes more than a day to see the whole of it. The video covers much of the museum but we ran out of time to get to the mining village. We will return in the summer.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Walk to the reservoir

Kielder Forest May 18 (2)

After lunch at the Anglers Arms at Kielder, we took one of the walks to get to Kielder Reservoir. This took us through part of the forest and over the restored Kielder Viaduct. The walk took about half an hour to get to the reservoir.

Kielder Forest May 18 (3)

Kielder Viaduct May18  (1)

Kielder Viaduct May18 (4)

North Tyne River May 18 (1)

Kielder Reservoir May 18 (1)

Anglers Arms, Kielder

Anglers Arms Kielder May 18 (6)

Kielder is a remote village closer to Scotland than Newcastle. We were there on 7th May to walk to the nearby reservoir but called in to  the Anglers Arms for lunch. The decor is a bit on the dark side and is a bit inadvertently retro. Food was cheaply priced but vegetables were somewhat tasteless. Staff were friendly but looking longingly outdoors at the sunny bank holiday weather everyone else was enjoying!

Anglers Arms Kielder May 18 (5)

Anglers Arms Kielder May 18 (1)

Anglers Arms Kielder May 18 (4)

Anglers Arms Kielder May 18 (3)

Anglers Arms Kielder May 18 (2)

Friday, 11 May 2018

Kielder Viaduct and Reservoir

On bank holiday Monday we took a day off to visit Kielder in Northumberland. It is a small village at the western end of the Kielder reservoir (the biggest man made structure in Europe). To get to the reservoir, we walked along the Lakeside route which took us along the former railway line and over the Kielder Viaduct.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

The Arabesque Restaurant, Sunderland

Arabesque Egyptian Restaurant Sunderland Jan 18 1

The Arabesque is an Egyptian restaurant on High Street West in Sunderland. I ate there earlier this month. I was part of a group of 40. The food was good but they struggles to cope with large numbers. The result was some people getting their courses after others had finished theirs. Nevertheless, it would be worth visiting as a smaller group.

Arabesque Egyptian Restaurant Sunderland Jan 18 2

Arabesque Egyptian Restaurant Sunderland Jan 18 4

Arabesque Egyptian Restaurant Sunderland Jan 18 3