Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Video: Philadelphia 3 - National Constitution Center

The museum that explains all there needs to be known about the US constitution. We visited in August.

Video: Philadelphia 2 - Independence Hall

The cradle of US independence, the building in which the US constitution was written. We visited it in August.

Video: Philadelphia 1 - Downtown Marriott Hotel

The Downtown Marriott Hotel was the base for our 3-day stay in Philadelphia in August.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Video: Baltimore 9 - USS Torsk

The 3rd historic ship in Baltimore Harbor is the submarine USS Torsk whihc saw service in World War Two.

Video: Baltimore 8 - USS Constellation

Another of the historic ships in Baltimore Harbor is the USS Constellation, which saw service in the Civil War.

Video: Baltimore 7 - Chesapeake Lightship

The Lightship Chesapeake is one of 3 historic ships in Baltimore Harbor.

Video: Baltimore 6 - Lafayette Statue and Washington Monument

The Washington Monument in Baltimore is one of the first erected to the founder of the USA.