Sunday, 5 December 2010

Penmon Priory and Black Point, Anglesey

I was in Wales again last week so I took the opportunoty to go to Anglesey, specifically to Penmon and Black Point, on the eastern tip of the island. Puffin Island sits just off the coast at Black Point and is now a protected bird colony. There appears to be a walkway to the lighthouse just off the coast at Black Point but the tide was largely in when we were there.

There is a cafe at Black Point but given we were there at the end of November, it was closed for the season.

There is a bit of a drive to get to Black Point but you have to go past Penmon Priory and it's worth stopping off there for a visit (it's free to get in).

A monastery was founded here in the 6th century by St Seiriol. The later Augustinian Priory was dissolved in 1538 and the site passed to the Bulkeley family who built the dovecote.

Penmon, Anglesey Nov 10 33

Above and below, Penmon Priory

Penmon, Anglesey Nov 10 27

Penmon, Anglesey Nov 10 23

Above and below, the Penmon dovecote

Penmon, Anglesey Nov 10 15

Penmon, Anglesey Nov 10 8

Above - Penmon Lighthouse, just off Black Point

Penmon, Anglesey Nov 10 2
Above - Puffin Island

Penmon, Anglesey Nov 10 3
Above - Puffin Island and Penmon Lighthouse

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Palace Spice

If you are in the "Triangle" in Upper Norwood, South East London, try the Palace Spice. This Indian restaurant can be found at 16 Westow Hill. I have eaten there a number of times but my last visit was last week.

Good food, modestly prices. Go for the house wine. It was reasonable quality for something selling at under £10.

Watch out however for overly large portions, especially on starters. I think it was a mistake to go for a starter and we more than struggled to finish the main course (in fact we were beaten by it). One of us had a tandoori trout. It was quite a size. We went away absolutely stuffed.