Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Kastellet in Copenhagen

The Kastellet is a star shaped fortress which I visited in Copenhagen in June 2014. It was a significant part of the defenses of the city. Construction started in 1626 and though it is now a visitor attraction, it continues to be used as a military base. The good news is that it was free to go in.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Wakeup Hotel in Copenhagen

I visited Copenhagen in June - my second visit to the city. This was a cheap weekend visit and we were after a cheap, functional, centrally-located hotel. The Wakeup Hotel fitted the bill perfectly. All we were after was  a bed, a shower and somewhere to leave our clothes and bags. We weren't interested in using the hotel for any meals - we wanted to eat out in the city instead. So, the sheer functionality of the hotel was what interested us. That meant we weren't worried that from the outside, the hotel looked like a prefabricated tower block. We found it clean and comfortable.

The Wakeup Hotel is on Carsten Niebuhr Street next to Copenhagen Railway Station.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Segedunum Roman bath house revealed

Recently, I had a meeting at Segedunum, the Roman fortress at Wallend which marks the eastern end of the Roman Wall. There was some excitement there recently as the demolition of the neighbouring Ship in the Hole pub gave archaeologists the opportunity to explore the site in the hope of finding the fort's Roman bath house. They found it almost straight away.

The remains are substantial and I was able to have a look at them recently with the chair and Director of the Tyne and Wear Museums and Archives Service (I am a member of the joint committee). No one is sure what will happen to them next after the initial archaeological survey. The land, as I understand it, is due for redevelopment. If they are to be preserved and put on public display, serious money will be needed to make it happen, and political will of North Tyneside Council will be needed to ensure the site is protected.

Were this to happen, this site could be a major addition to Segedunum.

Domali: breakfast in Crystal Palace

Domali Cafe is at 38 Westow Street, Crystal Palace. As it is only a few minutes walk from my flat in London, we tend to use it for breakfast on my trips to the capital. Indeed, we've been using it for nearly 14 years though I have to confess, I've only ever had breakfast there. We keep returning there however because we like it. I'm not a vegetarian, though I limit my meat consumption, but this little veggie restaurant is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

My last trip there was just last week. As it was a pleasant day we opted to sit out the back in the garden area.

My only gripe is that prices seem to have gone up recently though, for London prices, they are not expensive.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Ryton Farmers' Market

Ryton in Gateshead, on Saturday, held its first farmers' market. It took place next to the Emmaville colliery wheel.

It was clearly popular. When I got there an hour after it opened, some of the stalls had already sold out of goods.

I understand the market will be held every last Saturday of the month. Worth a visit.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Kishmish in Crystal Palace

I suspect this Persian Restaurant on Crystal Palace Parade, Crystal Palace, London, is not noticed by many of the people living nearby. It has a door onto the main road and that is all that can be seen as you walk past. Go inside and you go down a flight of stairs to the restaurant. We went there last night and opted to have a meal in the covered outdoor area at the back.

Kishmish doesn't have an alcohol license but you can take your own and pay a corkage fee of £3.50. That suits me fine. It means you pay far less than half the price you would otherwise be charged for buying a bottle of wine in a restaurant.

I particularly recommend the grilled salmon.