Friday, 30 October 2015

Video: Baltimore 9 - USS Torsk

The 3rd historic ship in Baltimore Harbor is the submarine USS Torsk whihc saw service in World War Two.

Video: Baltimore 8 - USS Constellation

Another of the historic ships in Baltimore Harbor is the USS Constellation, which saw service in the Civil War.

Video: Baltimore 7 - Chesapeake Lightship

The Lightship Chesapeake is one of 3 historic ships in Baltimore Harbor.

Video: Baltimore 6 - Lafayette Statue and Washington Monument

The Washington Monument in Baltimore is one of the first erected to the founder of the USA.

Video: Baltimore 5 - harbor and water taxi

The water taxi is the best way to get around Baltimore harbor area.

Video: Baltimore 4 - Harbor Hotel

The Harbor Hotel was our base for our 2 day stay in Baltimore in August.

Video: Baltimore 3 - Fort McHenry

Take the water taxi to this icon of US history, the inspiration for the "Star Spangled Banner".

Video: Baltimore 2 - Fells Point

This is the historic heart of Baltimore. The architecture is very different to modern Baltimore. The area is popular for restaurants.

Video: Baltimore 1 - Canton Park and Korean War Memorial

This was one of the most interesting and informative memorials to the Korean War I have visited. It is in Baltimore's Canton Park.

Video: Washington DC

This is the video covering the whole of the Washington DC leg of our visit to the USA in August. It includes the National Mall, Arlington National Cemetery, the National Zoo, Capitol Hill and the National Air and Space Museum.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Yak and Yeti at Crystal Palace

Yak and Yeti Oct 15 (5)

I was back in London yet again last week. We decided to eat out on Wednesday evening. It was a while since I had been to the Yak and Yeti on Church Road, Crystal Palace so we headed there.

Yak and Yeti Oct 15 (4)

Yak and Yeti Oct 15 (3)

Yak and Yeti Oct 15 (2)

Yak and Yeti Oct 15 (1)

Good service and a pleasant meal.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Video: Washington DC 6 - the National Zoo

We were 3 weeks too early for the birth of the new giant panda cub.Nevertheless, we still had a great time at the zoo. And it's free to get in.

Video: Washington DC 5 - Arlington National Cemetery

A trip across the Potomac River from Washington DC into the State of Virginia took us to the Arlington National Cemetery. We saw the grave of President Kennedy, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the changing of the guard.

Video: Washington DC 4 - The Beacon Hotel

This was our base for the Washington DC leg of our US trip in August.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Video: Washington DC 3 - National Mall

This video contains some of the most famous icons Washington DC has to offer which we saw on our first full day in the US in August: Washington Monument, World War II Memorial, Reflecting Pool, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial and (from a distance) the White House.

Video: Washington DC 2 - National Air and Space Museum

This was one of my favourite places on the trip to the US in August. I could have spent half the holiday in the National Air and Space Museum.

Video: Washington DC 1: Lafayette Square

The videos from the trip to the USA in August are now starting to come off the assembly line. This is the first - Lafayette Square, next to the White House.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Tanfield Railway

This is the video I shot on my most recent visit to the Tanfield Railway, earlier this month.

Leonardo Hotel, near Heathrow

At last I am beginning to edit the video from the trip to the US in the summer. This is the first, though it was filmed in the UK - at the Leonardo, our hotel near Heathrow.

Glendale Show

At the end of August we went to the Glendale Agricultural Show in Northumberland. It was the first time we had been and it is larger than most of the shows we have visited. Despite the rather cool weather, it was a good day.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Back to the Tanfield Railway

Tanfield Railway Oct 15 (24)

We spent the day at the Tanfield Railway in Gateshead today. It's just a few minutes' drive from where we live. The visit was arranged through the Sunniside History Society of which I am deputy chairman.

It started in the morning at Sunniside Club where a classic London Routemaster bus picked up many of those attending. I went in my car to free up seats on the bus for others.

Tanfield Railway Oct 15 (1)

Tanfield Railway Oct 15 (3)

On the trip we were able to see inside the workshops and sheds as well as having a one hour ride on the train.

Tanfield Railway Oct 15 (8)

Tanfield Railway Oct 15 (9)

If you haven't been to the Tanfield Railway before, draw up plans to go asap.