Sunday, 29 November 2015

Dandy Longlegs in Sunderland

Dandy Longlegs Nov 15 (1)

I was in Sunderland last weekend to meet friends and we decided to have lunch in a restaurant/bar called Dandy Longlegs in Millfield. Pleasant enough but the food was a bit slow. Prices are reasonable however. I went for the Blackadder burger (it included black pudding).

Dandy Longlegs Nov 15 (2)

Staiths Cafe, Gateshead

Staiths Cafe Gateshead Nov 15 (3)

I was meeting a few friends recently so we opted to have coffees in the Staiths Cafe, near the Dunston Staiths in Gateshead. It was my first visit. Quite a pleasant establishment with modest prices. There was live music when we were there, which meant our conversation was in direct competition. We were there on a dark, cold and wet evening but I will probably return in the summer to enjoy the view over the Tyne.

Staiths Cafe Gateshead Nov 15 (1)

Staiths Cafe Gateshead Nov 15 (2)

Video - Philadelphia

Philadelphia was the 3rd stop on our visit to the USA in August. This video cover includes Independence Hall, the National Constitution Centre, Independence Square and historic ships.

Video - Philadelphia 5: USS Olympia

Another of the historic ships moored in Philadelphia which I visited in August. The USS Olympia was the flagship of Admiral Dewey during the Spanish-American war.

Video - Philadelphia 4: USS Becuna

Another video from our US visit in August. The USS Becuna is a WW2 and Cold War submarine, one of the historic ships moored at Philadelphia.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Video: Philadelphia 3 - National Constitution Center

The museum that explains all there needs to be known about the US constitution. We visited in August.

Video: Philadelphia 2 - Independence Hall

The cradle of US independence, the building in which the US constitution was written. We visited it in August.

Video: Philadelphia 1 - Downtown Marriott Hotel

The Downtown Marriott Hotel was the base for our 3-day stay in Philadelphia in August.