Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Roman City of Jerash

I visited the Roman City of Jerash in Jordan in June 2008. Once one of the great cities of the Eastern Roman Empire, much work has now been done to restore it after centuries of earthquake damage. The hippodrome has been partly restored and for our benefit (and the benefit of all the other tourists) a display of chariot racing and gladiatorial fighting was laid on.

We were staying next to the Dead Sea and it was quite a drive for us to get there, though we had hired our tour guide for the day and he drove us there from the Movenpick Dead Sea Resort.

Take a hat and water. You will need them.

Jerash June 08 no 1
The Arch of Hadrian

Jerash June 08 no 19

Above and below - the Oval Forum

Jerash June 08 no 71

Jerash June 08 no 83
Chariot racing

Jerash June 08 no 108
Meet the locals

Jerash June 08 no 110
I'm the one with the sun glasses!

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