Sunday, 31 May 2015

Chesters Roman Fort

Chesters Roman Fort May 15 (8)

Chesters near Chollerford in Northumberland is one of the forts on the Wall. It has extensive remains of a bath house (on the banks of the North Tyne outside the fort's wall) - see photo below - and a barrack block - see photo below. There is also a museum containing exhibits from the site and from others on the Wall.

Chesters Roman Fort May 15 (14)

We visited Chesters yesterday. It was the first time I had been there for about 30 years.

Chesters Roman Fort May 15 (29)

Though the gateways have been excavated (see example above) are large part of the site remains below ground, waiting to be revealed.

Chesters Roman Fort May 15 (28)

The adjacent stretch of the North Tyne River is very attractive and peaceful. It also appears to be popular with anglers - the village of Chollerford is only a stone's throw away and there were a number of people fishing there.

Chesters Roman Fort May 15 (40)

Roman re-enactments at Chesters appeared to go down well, especially with kids.

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