Thursday, 3 December 2015

Waggon Team at Lobley Hill

Waggon Team Nov 15 (2)

I had lunch with a friend at the Waggon Team at Lobley Hill in Gateshead on Saturday 28th November. Though this is an establishment almost on my doorstep, I had not previously visited it.

Waggon Team Nov 15 (1)

Admittedly, it was a very busy day though management planning can cope with that. We ordered food. 45 minutes later we returned to the bar to ask if there was any news of our meal. The food after all was mass produced and simply needed to be deep fried. (I was having scampi and chips.) We were informed that the kitchen was about to make our meal. Five minutes later, it arrived.

The food was okay though the mushy peas were at best warm. I suspect they had been left standing during the 45 minutes nothing was happening to the scampi. Alas, I won't be rushing back to the Waggon Team.

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