Monday, 1 February 2016

Blanca Bar

Blanca Bar London Jan 16 (1)

Saturday 23rd January 2016

From Trafalgar Square, we headed up to Leicester Square and found Blanca Bar nearby. We called in for lunch. It was very quiet when we went in.

Blanca Bar London Jan 16 (3)

We selected a meal from the menu and I went to the bar to put in the order and pay. And then I found what we were charged was a great deal more than what the menu said it should have been. "That's the service fee," I was told. I paid and then checked through every detail on the menu. There was no mention of any service fee, never mind a fee being automatically added. A tip is something to be left at the end of a meal when a customer can make a judgement as to how good the service was. It should not be an automatic charge that is quietly added to the bill.

Blanca Bar London Jan 16 (2)

The food was okay but given their policy on service charges, I can't recommend anyone eats there.

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