Friday, 28 May 2010

Caernarfon Castle

Caernarfon Aug 07 no 58

My last visit to Caernarfon Castle was actually in August 2007 when these photos and the video were taken. This is one of the most substantial, intact castles in the UK and I strongly recommend visiting it.

Caernarfon Aug 07 no 56

The castle exists because the Welsh were invaded and occupied by the English in the 13th century under Edward I, who was also responsible for a chain of castles along the North Wales coast including Conwy and Beaumaris (on the outskirts of Menai Bridge on Anglesey). It occupies a site previously used by the Romans as a fortress, It's easy to understand why the site was chosen as it overlooks the strategic Menai Strait (Beaumaris overlooks the other end).

Edward II, son and heir of Edward I, was born in the castle and was created the first Prince of Wales. Since then, the castle has been used on a numbe rof occasions for teh ceremonial investiture of the Prince of Wales, the latest in 1969.

If you visit the castle, you will find it is also home to the Royal Welch Fusilier Museums which explains the wars in which the regiment has been involved. If you like uniforms, you'll like this museum.

Caernarfon Aug 07 no 41

The above photo is of inside the Castle. Below is the video I shot on the same day. It's one of my old, low resolution ones.

And finally, the Caernarfon Boroughs was the constituency of David Lloyd George, the Prime Minister from half way through the First World War until 1922. There is a statue of him in the square next to the Castle.


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