Saturday, 29 May 2010

Conwy Castle and town walls

Conwy Castle Jul 06 no 1

Conwy town on the North Wales coast is dominated by the castle built by Edward I, the English king who finally conquered Wales in the 13th century. Conwy is worth a visit for the castle alone as it is substantially intact though the internal buildings are now just walls. In addition, the walls of the town are largely still standing and much of their length is accessible.

If you visit the castle and have no problem with heights, go to the top of the tallest towers and enjoy a fantastic view over Conwt Bay.

Conwy Castle Jul 06 no 30

Walls only for the internal buildings of Conwy Castle as the photos above and below show. However, the rooms in the towers are all intact.

Conwy Castle Jul 06 no 26

Conwy Castle Jul 06 no 13

The photo above was taken on the road into Conwy from Llandudno Junction. It shows how the castle dominates the town (and initially provided the town with the reason for its existence).

Conwy town walls Jul 06 no 7

Conwy's town walls are still largely standing and parts are open to visitors. A walk around them gives a good view of the town.

The following photo is of the wall on the western side of the town.

Conwy town walls Jul 06 no 1

Conwy Castle July 06 no 42 JW

The above photo was taken the last time I walked the walls (July 2006) though it's not the last time I was in Conwy (which was just a week ago). Behind my head, the wall joins the Castle.

And here's the video I shot on the same day.

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