Thursday, 27 May 2010

St Celynin's Church and Healing Well

St Celynin Conwy May 10 4

This was one of the locations I visited over the weekend whilst in North Wales. Friends I was staying with called St Celynin's Church "The Old Church", for good reason. I've done a bit of hunting around for information on the internet and found it is also called the Old Church of Llangelynin. The building dates from either the 12th or 13th centuries (sources I read differ on this) and is likely to have replaced a wooden church on the same site. The porch was added in the 15th century.

St Celynin Conwy May 10 7

The church is in a remote location above the Conwy Valley and is about 6km south of Conwy town. The nearest settlement is Henryd. If you are driving, you will have to park about 100m away. Walk over the stile and follow the contour of the hill around to the right. Cross another stile at the top and you are looking down on the church.

St Celynin Conwy May 10 13

The graveyard is walled but in the left hand corner as you enter is the "Healing Well" or "Holy Well". This is a walled rectangular pool. I'm not sure of its healing powers now but we did find quite a few newt tadpoles swimming in it.

St Celynin Conwy May 10 1

The church itself is still in use though only a handfull of services a year are conducted there.

St Celynin Conwy May 10 9

And just to prove I was there:

St Celynin Conwy May 10 17

And here's the video I shot on my compact camera:

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