Friday, 28 May 2010

Conwy Marina and the Mulberry pub

Conwy Marina May 10 4

Another one of the locations I visited last weekend was Conwy Marina. I'm not into ships, boats or anything particularly maritine though if you like modern marinas, this is the place for you. It has been built in the last two decades. Before then, I understand, the whole place was a wasteland.

Conwy Marina May 10 2

Mulberry pub, Conwy May 10 1

The reason for our visit was the Mulberry pub, right in the heart of the marina. It's a pleasant enough place. We just went for a short drink after the trip to St Celynin's Church. It has an outside seating area and given the sunny weather on Sunday, that was very enjoyable. The pub does lunches as well but I can't comment on them as we didn't eat there. If you feel the urge to bring the car, there's plenty of parking.

Mulberry pub, Conwy May 10 2

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