Sunday, 30 May 2010

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is one of London's icons and is a must-see when visiting the capital. I filmed the above video in November 2009. We didn't go to the exhibition about the bridge or see the bridge opened. It costs £7 to go into the exhibition which also gives you access to the high level walkways. Fortunately crossing the bridge on the main deck is free!

It is possible to get the dates and times of bridge openings, which seem quite regular, at

Back in November when I walked over the bridge, I was with friends who had a sharp in take of breath when they saw the entry prices at varous places we wanted to visit on both sides of the Thames. The result is we had quite and interesting walking tour and took plenty of photos from the outside. So it is possible to do a central London tour on a budget. (We saw the Tower of London and St Paul's Cathedral from the outside as well. Both, I felt, had relatively expensive admission charges.) I'll write more about the walking tour we did sometime soon.

Tower Bridge Nov 09 5

Tower Bridge Nov 09 9

Tower Bridge Nov 09 18

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