Saturday, 29 May 2010

The London Eye

London Eye April 2008

Wales is not the only place outside the North East of England I visit regularly. I am in London often twice a month, often for quite significant periods, so I have accumulated lots of diary notes, photos and videos of places to visit. So I thought I would start my London posts with what I believe is the country's most popular visitor attraction: the London Eye.

I've been on once and that was back in September 2005. I guess it's time I went on again. Anyway, the following silent movie was shot by my on a very small compact camera which I now regard as rather primitive. Nevertheless, the video I filmed is my second most popular video on YouTube. As I write this, I can report it has had over 150,000 viewings.

This is me on the same trip:

London Eye Sept 05 no 16

It takes about half an hour to go full circle. Don't worry if you suffer from vertigo (which I don't). Sufferers I understand have no problem on the London Eye. Depending on time of day and the season, the longest part could be the queue to get on board. Mind you, even at busy times, the queues move quickly.

The London Eye is on the South Bank, next to Westminster Bridge and just along from the Tate Modern so take a trip on it as part of a central London day out. And expect some great views of Westminster.

London Eye Sept 05 no 18

Great view of the Thames (this one looking east):

London Eye Sept 05 no 20

London Eye Sept 05 no 10

Good view of Buckingham Palace:

London City Sept 05 no 7

This one includes BT Tower and Centrepoint:

London City Sept 05 no 4

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