Friday, 28 May 2010

Menai Suspension Bridge

Menai Bridge May 10 33

The Menai Suspension Bridge was the first to span the Menai Strait and join Anglesey to mainland Wales. Completed in 1826, it was one of the marvels of its day. It still stands as a statement to the abilities of the engineer who built it, Thomas Telford. It is definitely work a visit when in North Wales.

Menai Bridge May 10 1

Park in Menai Bridge (the town on the Anglesey side of the bridge) and take a walk over. A good location to see it is from the waterside in Menai Bridge itself. Another good spot we found to photograph it is from the road between Menai Bridge and Britannia Bridge (see photo below). The latter is about 30 years younger than the Menai Bridge and was designed by the great Victorian engineer Robert Stephenson to carry both road and rail.

Britannia Bridge, Anglesey May 10

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