Thursday, 27 August 2015

Baltimore Harbour and Visitor Centre

Baltimore Harbour Aug 15 (1)

Lunch eaten, so it was time to explore the harbour. It is a popular location for restaurants and cafes and there were also 4 historic ships just waiting to be explored.

Baltimore Harbour Aug 15 (3)

Baltimore Harbour Aug 15 (2)

To explore the ships, tickets were needed. We got ours from the visitor centre next to the harbour. We got tickets for $18 a person. That gave us access to all 4 ships.

Baltimore Visitor Centre Aug 15

We were greeted by helpers as soon as we entered the visitor centre. I think they were all retired people who were volunteers rather than paid staff. They were very helpful and knew everything that we needed to know about local attractions and how to get around.

I'm not sure if the pink poodle is on permanent display in the visitor centre but it was a fun feature that was worth seeing.

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