Monday, 17 August 2015

Leonardo Hotel in West Drayton

Leonardo Hotel Heathrow July 15 2

The Leonardo was our hotel of choice for the overnight stay near Heathrow. It exists because of Heathrow on the other side of the road. Its triple glazed windows ensured the noise of aircraft landing and taking off could not be heard.

Leonardo Hotel Heathrow July 15 7

Our room was comfortable enough and served its purpose well. But the Leonardo looked very much like any other hotel belonging to big chains of hotels. Comfortable, clean and nothing outstandingly good or bad.

Leonardo Hotel Heathrow July 15 6

Except for the bottle of wine from the hotel bar. Terrifically expensive and not very good. My advice - find a local off-license and for a fraction of the price, buy a bottle and take it back to your room.

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