Thursday, 27 August 2015

Baltimore: Puerto 511

Baltimore Puerto 511 Aug 15 1

When the rain stopped, it was quite late so we did not want to go far from the hotel to eat. A check on ipads found a restaurant within 2 minutes' walk. Puerto 511 was on Clay Street. If we did not know from our various internet-connected devices that the restaurant was there, we could easily have walked past without noticing it.

We went in and found it was little more than a small dining room and a kitchen. We were shown to a table and discovered, on asking for a wine list, that it was a bring-your-own establishment. A quick journey was made to a local shop for a bottle of wine (at a fraction of the price usually charged for wine in a restaurant.)

Baltimore Puerto 511 Aug 15 2

The food was fantastic.

Baltimore Puerto 511 Aug 15 3

Baltimore Puerto 511 Aug 15 4

The restaurant also seemed to be a mini art gallery. So you can have a great meal, a drink at a sensible price and buy a work of art, all in one go!

Baltimore Puerto 511 Aug 15 5

Puerto 511 was an unassuming, simply furnished establishment that served up excellent food. It's definitely on my fully recommended list.

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