Monday, 17 August 2015

Flying Virgin

Flying Virgin July 15 (4)

Our trip to the USA was upon us. For me, it's my 3rd visit to the States but my first outside New York. It was also the first time I have flown with Virgin. I had no complaints about the 7 hour flight which passed without incident. I can't say the same about Terminal 3 at Heathrow. We arrived at 9.30am with plenty of time to spare at HR but the queues at the luggage check-in were barely moving. Our flight was at 11am but at 10.20am we were still in the check-in queue. By then, the check in desk was no longer taking luggage which instead had to be deposited in a corner of the terminal. We also had to dash through security and across Terminal 3 to get to the gate on time as boarding was at 10.30am. We were just in time.

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