Saturday, 29 August 2015

Philadelphia City Centre

Philadelphia Downtown Aug 15 4

For some reason we had been able to get really cheap train tickets from Washington to Baltimore. Sadly, the price of tickets from Baltimore to Philadelphia was much more expensive - $82 each. We arrived in Philadelphia after about 90 minutes and headed straight to our hotel, the Marriott Downtown. Alas, our room was not yet ready so we left our cases at the hotel and went for a walk around the city centre for about an hour.

Philadelphia Downtown Aug 15 2

Philadelphia City Hall Aug 15 3

We were able to have a brief look at City Hall.

Philadelphia City Hall Aug 15 1

Philadelphia Frank Rizzo statue Aug 15

This is the statue to Frank Rizzo, former mayor of Philadelphia. Apparently he was quite controversial in his day.

Philadelphia Jacques Lipschitz Statue Aug 15

This is the Government of the People Statue by Jacques Lipschitz, near City Hall.

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