Monday, 7 September 2015

Getting a new passport at Durham

Durham Framwellgate Bridge Aug 15 1
Franwellgate Bridge and Durham Cathedral

Monday 17th August 2015

The race was on to get a new passport when I returned from the USA. Fortunately, the nearest passport office was in Durham, only an hour's bus journey away from my house in Gateshead. I decided to take a camera with me and use the opportunity to get some photos in one of the most historic cities in Britain.

Fortunately, the passport office was quiet. My application went through and I was told there was a good possibility I would get the new passport before Friday when I was due to go to Paris. Once all the paperwork was done, I had a walk around the city.

Durham Market Place Aug 15 2
Market Place

Durham Londonderry Statue Aug 15
Lord Londonderry statue in Market Place

Durham Elvet Bridge Aug 15 (4)
Looking towards Elvet Bridge

Durham Elvet Bridge Aug 15 (1)
Elvet Bridge

Durham Cathedral Aug 15 (10)
Durham Cathedral

Durham Castle Aug 15 1
Durham Castle

Durham River Wear Aug 15 1
River Wear

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