Wednesday, 2 September 2015

New York: Evelyn Hotel

New York Evelyn Hotel Aug 15 (5)

Our base for our stay in New York was the Evelyn Hotel (which was often referred to by the hotel itself as "formerly the Gershwin". On the positive side, it was superbly located in central Manhattan, on E 27th Street, just a few metres from 5th Avenue.

The room was comfortable, if a bit on the small size. Ours was next to the lift shaft so that ate into the floor space available to us.

The drawback was a temporary one. We were there in August 2015 when the entire building was undergoing a significant refurbishment. Therefore, there was no restaurant or bar, the lobby looked more concrete than decor and the publicly available PCs were in a rather dingy corner. As I said previously, these are temporary. Hopefully, the work will be completed quickly. The staff were certainly doing their best and were very helpful.

New York Evelyn Hotel Aug 15 (4)

My hope is that the refurbishment sorts out the lift. It was irritatingly slow. At one point we abandoned the long wait for it to arrive and took to the stairs to walk down from floor 5 to the ground floor.

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