Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Leaving New York

After Grand Central, we made another visit to Central Park and relaxed in the Boathouse. But the clock was ticking on this visit so we returned to our hotel, got our cases and walked to Pennsylvania Station. From there we got a train to Jamaica Station but then needed another ticket to get the Skytrain to JFK Airport. Total cost was $10 each, far cheaper than a taxi.

My emergency passport attracted quite a bit of interest from the staff at the Delta check-in desk. They'd never seen one before.

New York Le Grand Comptoir Aug 15 2

Once through security, it was time to have our last meal in the US. We found Le Grand Comptoir, more wine bar than restaurant and absurdly expensive. It cleaned us out of any remaining dollars. Fortunately, the food was reasonable. At the price we paid, it should be.

New York Le Grand Comptoir Aug 15 1

So that was it. Trip to USA over. Back to the UK - and the rain!

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